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FLORENCE : One of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.The palaces, the churches, the art. Home of the Medici's, the family that is credited with bringing the world of Art and Music back from the dark ages. From 59 B.C. to the new millenium, over 2000 years of a special and unique town in the world, who gived his style of life in centuries.
CHIANTI COUNTRY-SIDE: Ride through the country with the shimmering olive groves, glorious and famous vinyards and amazing hilltop towns. Take time to experience the taste of the wine (and vorious wineries) in castles or farms.

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SIENA: The walled city. Home of the famous horse race called PALIO, played in the medieval square "Il Campo". Siena with its palaces, churches and shops are not be missed.

SAN GIMIGNANO: Famous medieval walled towns with its towers and narrow streets.

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MONTERIGGIONI: Famous for its walls, up tp the hill, beetwen Siena and San Gimignano.



PISA ON THE SEA: The leaning Tower, the Cathedral and the Baptistery affords you the oppurtunity to take a picture or two of one of the strangest cities. Walk around the water's edge. Do some shopping and dine by the sea.



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LUCCA: An exquisite old world walled city with over 100 churches dating back to 180 B.C. Walk through the narrow streets, and everywhere you turn you see a magnificant church. It's like stlepping back in time. The first Roman colony and first Tuscan Capital



AREZZO:Etruscan art town with beautiful 16 century palaces, monuments and narrow streets. Every year, the first sunday of september, they play "La Giostra del Saracino", chivarious horse-game with antique dresses.



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CORTONA: Interesting medieval town, up to the hill, with a fantastic valley view. Rich of monuments and churches, the Cathedral dedicated to "Maria Assunta", the gotic churches of  "San Francesco and San Domenico" and the renaissance church of "Santa Maria delle Grazie"





SHOPPING: In a half day you can visit the exclusive showrooms of: Prada, Fendi, Dolce e Gabbana, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Loro Piana, Sergio Rossi, Giorgio Armani.


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